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Products & Services - Premium Rate
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"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak" - Epictetus
Products & Services - Premium Rate

Premium Rate , Premium Service. With customised national and international automated audiotext services, IVT can offer you a full range of value added premium rate telephony and premium rate SMS services.

A premium rate Service is one with an information or entertainment content, which includes live or recorded services such as technical support helplines, professional advice lines, sporting information or competition lines.

All Irish premium rate services must adhere to a code of practice set by REGTEL (www.regtel.ie). IVT supports and follows this code and will gladly provide assistance or required information regarding acceptable premium rate services.

Using entertainment and information services, you can generate substantial revenue whilst building a strong interactive relationship with your customers.

IVT provide complete transcription and fulfilment services whilst also providing real-time internet statistical results.

ROI Premium rate telephony and SMS tariffs

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