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Case Studies - Garda Credit Union ROI
"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak" - Epictetus
Case Studies - Garda Credit Union ROI

St Raphael's Garda Credit Union

Client: St Raphael's Garda CU

Telacount: A 24-hour telebanking service allowing members to access and manipulate personal account details while providing members with the facility to communicate remotely with the credit Union.

  • One of the largest industrial credit Unions in ROI.
  • Excess of 25,000 members.
  • The automated service handles approximately 65% of incoming calls, deflecting them from Credit Union staff.
  • Communication is provided using a secure data link from IVT's exchange directly onto the Credit Union's LAN.
  • The service is managed by the Credit Union on-line using a secure web account, allowing the Credit Union administrator to manipulate the service and make instant amendments without having to involve IVT.
  • All call reporting facilities are available to the Credit Union using the same on-line account. These detailed reports are used for marketing and quality control purposes
  • Using the automated service, members can pre-pay their home phone bill using available funds in their Credit Union account. The amount chosen, is automatically debited from the Credit Union account and credited to their Budget Telecom account. No cash transaction is required.

The scale and sensitivity of such financial detail, demands an unsurpassed level of security and redundancy. IVT's infrastructure satisfactorily meets these requirements and has resulted in a successful working relationship with not only St. Raphael's Garda Credit Union, but with most major Credit Unions in the Irish League.
IVT are currently involved in the development of a feasible ATM solution for the ILCU and future project development.

Available on request

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