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Case Studies - The Irish Daily Mirror
"Theres's an old story about the person who wished his computer was as easy to use as his telephone. That wish has come true, since I no longer know how to use my telephone" - B. Stroustrup (Inventor of C++)
Case Studies - The Irish Daily Mirror
  Irish Daily Mirror

Client: The Irish Daily/Trinity Mirror

Competition Manager: The provision of an interface allowing the client to manage their own premium rate telephone lines and SMS shortcodes using an on-line web interface.

  • The Mirror group has a requirement for premium rate services on a daily basis, both telephony and SMS.
  • The applications range from basic low volume competitions to high level voting and sponsorship campaigns
  • The project was to provide the Group with a managed facility allowing them to open and close the telephone lines and SMS shortcodes, without having to liase with the Network/Service Provider.
  • The Group were pre-assigned a range of premium rate numbers /SMS shortcodes in all tariff bands
  • Using a secure internet account on www.ivtsolutions.com the Group fully manage their premium rate allocation. Lines can be opened and closed instantly and can also be programmed to open automatically using time and date parameters.
  • As a major publication, the requirement to turn-around these applications in order to accommodate print deadlines etc. was essential. The reporting facility provided, also allows the client to monitor results in real-time allowing the client to accurately gauge the response of a campaign or competition.

Trinity Mirror Group

The Competition manager has essentially given control of premium rate affairs over to the Mirror Group, allowing them to maximise revenue and accurately gauge reader reaction. project development.

From an IVT perspective, we do not have to manually attend to the Groups application of premium services, all levels of implementation from opening the service through to the provision of detailed call results, are handled and managed by the client.

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