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Case Studies - The National Lottery
"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on" - John F. Kennedy
Case Studies - The National Lottery

The National Lottery

Client: The National Lottery

Lucky Break scratch card application in association with RTE's 'Fair City'.

  • The National Lottery tendered the Lucky Break application and awarded it to IVT.
  • The Lucky Break game involved a complex password structure which required IVT's systems to recognise and validate passwords printed on Fair City scratch cards.
  • Each password, which was announced during Fair City, had an associated open-close window during which the player was asked to call a premium rate phone number and key in the 10-digit number on their card.
  • IVT's systems would then validate the password based on the date and the open-close time, taking into account the card number's originality (whether it had been entered before). A voice file recorded by the caller was stored with the record.
  • Each draw's data was collated by IVT on DVD and presented to The National Lottery on request. Audited winners were then chosen by The National Lottery and transcribed by IVT.
  • As this service was based upon open-close windows around a TV campaign, a very large number of people called simultaneously. IVT has the capacity and expertise to accommodate this type of service. On request, and having their own exchange, IVT were in a position not to charge callers who called the Lucky Break line whilst the line was closed.
  • All results were accessed by The National Lottery in real-time using their web account which enabled them to obtain an accurate game reaction.

The development and execution of the Lucky Break service allowed no room for error. The volume of calls and the exposure of the campaign meant that security and reliability was key to the service's success. With TV and advertising deadlines, it was crucial for IVT to meet the results and data collation requirements. All demands met, the Lucky Break campaign resulted in a successful and lucrative venture for both parties involved.

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